There is little doubt that the pervasiveness of the Internet of Things is fueling the increasing growth of Artificial Intelligence initiatives. Accordingly, China has been stepping up their efforts to achieve dominance in this area. While it is difficult to measure progress in such a broad area as artificial intelligence, there are some indicators that support the notion that China is gaining rapidly on the U.S. in this regard.  Certain studies have shown that China already produces a larger number of research papers containing AI-associated terms such as “deep learning.”  These studies show that the number of research papers produced by China are on pace to eclipse those produced by the U.S. within the next two years. The following article is a wake up call for those U.S. leaders who may not be paying attention.

White House plans to cut funding for science couldn’t come at a worse time for the country’s ambitions to lead the world in artificial intelligence.

The most detailed analysis of Chinese AI research papers yet suggests that China is gaining on the US more quickly than previously thought.

China’s vibrant tech scene has come up with a number of  recent breakthroughs, and the government has recently launched a major initiative to dominate the development of the technology within a matter of years (see “China’s AI awakening”).

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