The intrinsic value of IoT applications is driven by their ability to create compound applications that traverse multiple industries.  The nature of these applications would, by default, suggest collaboration amongst companies, vendors, solution providers and service providers in order to build and deploy these compound apps.  Most important in this equation is the active participation and collaboration between multiple companies within similar industry segments.  This enables companies to accelerate the creation of new and more practical IoT solutions that bring more benefit to their industry as a whole. Recent use cases are highlighting the use of testbeds as a mechanism to promote IIoT cooperation and collaboration.  In the end, this serves the greater good of the ecosystem which behooves all involved. The following article describes three excellent use cases of this.

The Future of the Industrial IoT Is Growing in Testbeds

In IIC testbeds industry-leaders are creating real solutions to apply the Internet of Things to industries such as healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing and production, and energy management.

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