The strength of the Internet of Things comes mostly from enabling traditional inaccessible data, accessible. Data collection at the edges from connected devices. creates entirely new data analysis opportunities. But, the IoT is not alone among technologies advancing the power of data to make this moment in time actually extraordinary. Better and faster storage systems, faster and more efficient communications, agile and reliable applications – the entire ecosystem that enables the sharing and analysis of data is transforming industries. Suddenly data evolves from tactical (capturing and reporting), to strategic (the making of entirely new business models.) The entire ecosystem, of which the IoT plays a major role, is disrupting business forever.

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Data today arrives not just from customer transactions and traditional enterprise applications. It arrives from sensors in the internet of things (IoT), processed and computed at the edge. It arrives from connected cameras and intelligent transportation systems. Data arrives from web tracking and analytics across much of your customer’s online existence, and location trackers for some of their off-line time. It arrives from partners throughout your supply chain and your partner’s suppliers. Data arrives from government systems such as census and the national weather service. It comes from social media, customer chat logs, and email. The list goes on and on. More critically for your IT team, data arrives every second of every day. Moreover, we are keeping it all.

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