An important part of our mission at IoT Sources is to bring you compelling use cases where the Internet of Things is being put to work to drive business value.  Retail is one industry that is undergoing a massive transformation.  Brick and mortar retail outfits are scrambling to reinvent themselves, as online retailing continues to grow at an exponential rate. IoT technologies are nothing new when deploying supply chain and inventory projects for retail.  But retailers are finding that there’s a whole new world of opportunity available to them by utilizing the Internet of Things to heighten and enhance the overall customer experience.

Industry pundits have been talking about the Internet of Things, well, since the Internet. But it’s taken us almost 20 years since that time to get to where we can start talking about real solutions and real value. Part of the challenge has been on the technology side, just figuring out mobile and internet-connected devices and big data. And part of it has been maturing to the point that there are enough IoT devices out there to where people can start experimenting at a scale that shows what the technology is truly capable of.

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