We know the adoption curve is trending in an upward direction when vendors begin offering dedicated, all-in-one solutions for specific applications. Such is the case in the building automation space. Just recently, the Adesto organization released a machine-automation system in a box for customers who require a gateway that can interact with their building automation systems. Their new OpenEdge server and software will handle the complex process of translating building protocols and provide a web interface for end users to manage their connected operational systems. The article below explains exactly how the new gateway works.  

Adesto Technologies, a provider of application-specific semiconductors and embedded systems for the IoT, has made available its next-generation edge server for building automation and industrial IoT applications.

The SmartServer IoT is said to be the industry’s first truly open, full-featured and end-to-end industrial-rated IoT edge server. Designed to provide out-of-the-box device management services, an intuitive user interface and programmable interfaces, as well as, applications it is intended to help system integrators deploy solutions quickly and OEMs to create custom applications more easily.

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