The COVID-19 pandemic will forever alter the workplace as we know it. Organizations of all types and sizes are racing to remake the way they have done business for decades. Today, restrictions caused by the pandemic are easing in many places and as a result enterprises are contemplating safe and effective ways of bringing employees back to the office. For every organization, doing business in the present COVID world will demand new ways of working, as well as a major adjustment to the workspace environment itself.

In a recent study conducted by Gensler Research Institute, only 12 percent of people say that they want to continue to work from home full-time after the pandemic subsides. Most people state that they would like to return to the office full-time, or at least in some combination of work in the office and work from home.

The challenge then for companies is, how can they enable re-entry to the workplace safely and effectively? To address and overcome this challenge, many organizations are looking to AI-enabled solutions to manage and automate the complexities of a return to work, while at the same time ensuring employees’ health and safety.

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