Elevator and escalator maintenance have traditionally been governed by a calendar-based process. The challenge with this process is that mechanical parts and components don’t necessarily adhere to a predetermined failure timetable. There are many variables involved with how and when parts and components require servicing. However, with the deployment of new technologies, building operators and maintenance providers can now take a proactive approach to elevator and escalator maintenance, as opposed to relying on the traditional reactive one.

This new approach uses IoT and AI to gather equipment data from units in real time by utilizing remote-monitoring devices. As the usage data from each component in the elevator or escalator is captured, it is analyzed interactively to understand the performance of each individual unit. This way potential issues can be predicted in advance. This not only enables maintenance to be carried out in a pre-planned manner, but also avoids any disruption to the users, such as someone getting stuck inside the elevator. This in turn, becomes an integral part of the smart building ecosystem.

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