Interoperability is a key challenge and significant opportunity for driving adoption for the industrial Internet of Things. The ability for business intelligence platform to accept various formats of data from IoT endpoints and share disparate data across legacy silos is required to fulfill the grand promise of data nirvana.

In an article by, the author highlights this required platform by referring to it as a “central nervous system.” It was further explained as,

A central nervous system for IIoT is an ever-present layer that constantly runs in the background. It connects to multiple data sources and communication channels, and is able to provide the right insight to the right person at the right time — pulling in the relevant data and people to quickly address the issue at hand. In building this central nervous system, we will need to focus on two primary functions.

A key component necessary for this layer to effectively exist is a common language so that everything can operate on the same network and share information. Currently, gateways provide the translations for IoT sensors to connect and to communicate to the application layer.  But the author makes a good point in stating, “It requires multiple entities working in unison, building bridges between silos that have existed for decades, and finding the right business models to enable this cooperation.”

This cooperation yet again falls back on the “people change” factor so critical in IoT adoption. The article highlights what lies at the heart of the people change factor – “New technologies and technology vendors will play a critical role in building the infrastructure, but it’s up to the incumbents — the facility managers, the services providers, the OEMs and the insurance companies — to come to the table with a fresh mindset.” Yes – a FRESH MINDSET.

Technology is an enabler. However, it’s people whether through applying imagination or their resistance to change, that can make or break the significant upside potential of the Internet of Things.  As the article concluded, it raises what the team at has written about multiple times,…

The IoT “market is changing rapidly, and we can either be surprised or be proactive and control its trajectory to a better outcome.”

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