As a result of making two key deals recently, InfluxData will now be able to bring its database to many more potential IoT-focused customers. InfluxData offers a time-series database that PTC has just embedded into its ThingWorx platform. To add muscle to the offering, InfluxData also added a cloud-based integration with Microsoft Azure, which will enable companies to send data to the cloud. Time-series databases are important for IoT-based applications since they can store time-stamped data that is received at high speeds. The article below provides additional details on how and why this new offering from InfluxData should be helpful for new and existing IoT applications.   

As time-series database provider InfluxData adds the last major piece in its multi-cloud strategy, adding Microsoft Azure, it has entered an OEM agreement to embed its data platform into PTC’s ThingWorx IoT platform. PTC has not announced when the embedded database will be formally available, but we expect it will be sometime during the remainder of this year.

Under the agreement with PTC, InfluxDB Cloud will be sold, delivered, and supported by PTC as part of its ThingWorx service. In turn, PTC has had a long relationship with Microsoft dating back to its origins as a product lifecycle management (PLM)/CADCAM firm provider (a business that it’s stll very much in). And, while Microsoft Azure was already on InfluxData’s roadmap for its new cloud service (the service was already available on AWS and GCP), the PTC agreement hastened events.

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