IoT and blockchain are two technologies that are both better when they are used together. If we look at IoT and blockchain as separate technologies, they are limited in their respective applications. However, by combing them, and then adding artificial intelligence (AI) to the mix, we can see the creation of a secure IoT-based application platform. How is this? AI provides the algorithms for analyzing the data collected by IoT end point devices, while blockchain acts as a necessary layer for validating the data. Blockchain also guarantees the data’s secure storage. IoT, blockchain, AI and Big Data have the potential for mass adoption, as well as horizontal application and integration when joined together in the right way. The following article explains how.

The ‘Big Four’ technologies of the future are beginning to force themselves to the fore as companies start to dabble in the likes of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT), as well as Big Data. However, as these four spring from their embryonic stages, issues and concerns are being heeded about their growth.

It is for this reason that many people and companies are starting to wonder if the problems cannot be solved by combining the technologies. Big Data, as a cornerstone component, can be useful when combined with of both AI and Blockchain, but, perhaps the combination of IoT and blockchain can again help the advancement of these two technologies.

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