Geotab is an outfit that is using IoT-based technology to help provide early indicators for what the post COVID-19 economy might look like. There are about 2 million connected commercial vehicles that use Geotab’s service. Last week, the company created a dashboard that can track commercial transportation trips, fuel fill-ups, and trade shipments that occur between the U.S. and Canada. The goal is to analyze these data points as an indicator of increasing trends in commerce that would require the increase in shipments of supply-chain items. The piece below provides more details about the dashboard, and some of the areas that they are specifically tracking.  

Geotab has launched a commercial transportation dashboard to gauge the progress of the post COVID-19 economy.

The company, which specializes in connected transportation and Internet of things applications, is processing data from more than 2 million Geotab connected vehicles to visualize trade activity.

Geotab said that its aggregated and anonymized data points will track things like commercial vehicle activity, trade and fuel fill-ups as economies reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic. The dashboard will be updated regularly and provide week-to-week analysis to gauge activity in industries such as waste management, healthcare and manufacturing.

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