There are certainly enough LIDAR companies that are providing products and solutions to automotive and advanced robot manufacturers. One company though, may have cracked the code. Your traditional LIDAR sensor is comprised of many moving parts so that it has the ability to map objects in a wide field of vision. This company, Baraja, employs only one moving mechanical part and instead utilizes lightwaves through a prism to map objects. The article that follows provides a very interesting report and perspective on how this new approach could be a game-changer.

Lidar companies across the planet are going SPAC, but Baraja isn’t in a hurry to go public. The Australian lidar maker has raised a $31 million B round to continue the deployment and development of its “unique and ingenious” imaging system, with participation beyond the usual VC suspects.

Baraja’s lidar uses what the company calls Spectrum-Scan, letting physics do the hard work of directing the light. By passing its laser through a prism, different wavelengths of light go in different directions — and when it comes back, it takes the same path. Actually it’s a bit more complicated than that, but if you’re curious, check out my article from CES last year, which lays it out in more detail.

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