Honeywell recently inked a deal with SAP that would combine forces between SAP’s enterprise software tools and the Honeywell Forge operational software. Forge is a system specifically created for managing and monitoring fire and safety systems in buildings. Their plan is for the companies to integrate the data from physical building systems into enterprise systems in order to help manage the health and safety of workers in the new normal. The following article provides the details of the plan and what’s in it for both Honeywell and SAP. 

Honeywell’s Connected Enterprisedivision, led by Que Dallara, announced a tie-up with enterprise resource planning software giant SAP to give building operators key data in real-time. It’s another sign for investors that Internet of Things, or IoT, technology is ready for prime time.

The partnership marries the Honeywell(ticker: HON) Forge software application with the SAP (SAP.Germany) Cloud for Real Estate platform. Forge gives you real-time operations data—so the status of all the building systems, for example. The pairing allows building operators to aggregate financial data as well as operational data into easy-to-use interfaces.

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