The OpenStack Foundation recently released a software platform called StarlingX, which has been designed specifically for edge computing. OpenStack is the world’s most widely used open-source infrastructure software. It has been deployed  by thousands of private and public cloud users, and it runs across more than 10 million physical CPU cores. While there are hardware providers currently offering their own proprietary software stack, with StarlingX enterprises can now set up their own edge computing hardware configurations and have a software option as well. And even though StarlingX is a new solution, it is built on tried and trusted technologies. 

The OpenStack Foundation, the joint project created by NASA and Rackspace to create a freely usable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform, has announced the initial release of StarlingX, a platform for edge computing.

StarlingX is designed for remote edge environments, offering node configuration in host, service management, and perform software updates remotely. It can also warn operators if there are any issues with the servers or the network.

The foundation says the platform is optimized for low-latency, high-performance applications in edge network scenarios and is primarily aimed at carrier networking, industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and Internet of Things (IoT).

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