The IoT and quantum computing have one important thing in common – they are both still in their early stages of development. And as they both move along in their development, the likelihood that become more closely fused together increases exponentially.  As they merge, there will be an ever evolving new ecosystem of policy Issues. There will also be many areas to explore in research and development and eventually implementation. The article that follows does a good job of pointing out many of the things that need to be considered as the IoT matures, and quantum computing capabilities increase.

As a new decade approaches, we are in a state of technological flux across many spectrums. One area to take note of is quantum computing. We are starting to evolve beyond classical computing into a new data era called quantum computing. It is envisioned that quantum computing (still in a development stage) will accelerate us into the future by impacting the landscape of artificial intelligence and data analytics. The quantum computing power and speed will help us solve some of the biggest and most complex challenges we face as humans.

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