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Cambridge-based semiconductor player launches new integrated IoT platform Pelion on the back of major cash acquisition

Softbank-owned semiconductor powerhouse Arm has launched a new Internet of Things (IoT) platform called “Pelion”, powered in part by the tools it acquired this week when it bought out privately held Treasure Data – a company it described as “the final piece of our IoT enablement puzzle” – for an estimated $600 million.

Dipesh Patel, the president of Arm’s IoT services group said: “The Internet of Things (IoT) will give businesses superpowers. Whether it’s an energy provider drawing data from its infrastructure to sense failures; a sensor-equipped building anticipating and then proactively dealing with occupants’ needs; or a retailer using data streams from its stores and warehouses to streamline operations – IoT systems can be transformational.”

Softbank-owned Arm predicts Arm a world of a trillion connected devices by 2035, leading to an information revolution that will have redefined all industries.

Treasure Data – What the Acquisition Means for Arm

Treasure Data, co-founded by its CEO, Red Hat veteran Hiro Yoshikawa, is an enterprise data management specialist that provides the ability to aggregate and translate massive volumes of scattered and siloed data from any source – CRM, e-commerce systems, edge, IoT devices, and any third-party data.

It has over 300 customers and handles two million events a second, processing hundreds of thousands of queries and 50 trillion records a day, then blending that data into other existing enterprise analytics tools to create business value.

There is no shortage of cloud-based IoT tools: just this week Siemens, for example – which has invested $10 billion over the past decade on digitalization – bought up low code specialist Mendix, in part to further bolster its MindSphere IoT platform.

Arm said its Pelion IoT platform differs from the competition for a range of reasons, including that it doesn’t tie users to a particular cloud provider – and can work across any device and any type data.

Softbank-owned Arm, launching the Pelion IoT platform this week, said: “There are many vertical IoT Platforms focusing on specific device classes. Some also focus on specific kinds of data insights they’ll support. There are vendor-specific platforms that seek to tie customers into specific clouds. The linking word here is ‘specific’.

“The Pelion IoT Platform is different because it is a truly horizontal platform capable of managing any number or type of devices and connectivity, dealing with any type of data (internal and external) and linking to any cloud. In short, it offers the ability to tie into ‘Any device, Any data, Any cloud’ – we think of it as a triple-A IoT experience.”

According to a 2018 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Arm, 67 percent of organizations face challenges with data silos and more than half struggle with data preparation. Arm is hoping that the launch of Pelion will help break down those walls – with the attraction that it can work across public and private clouds, on-premises and in hybrid environments.

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