The Industrial IoT advances that we have been patiently waiting for these past few years may finally be upon us. Manufacturers are beginning to leverage horizontal IoT technologies to create vertical IIoT applications of real substance. These applications are yielding tangible business benefits in meaningful ways.  We are seeing some interesting trends emanating from the IIoT that are providing measurable ROI to manufacturers. The article that follows provides an insightful look into three of these key trends.

It’s 2019 and manufacturers are going into overdrive implementing the Industrial IoT (IIoT). Picture millions of machines on shop floors across thousands of factories that direct their human capital and traditional business intelligence software with the goal of attaining massively improved productivity through real time intelligence. Machines are now pushing data into the cloud to increase uptime, production quality, and energy efficiency.

Yet this journey that manufacturers and technologists have been on hasn’t come easy. Years of investment have gone into doing IoT right, not just connecting devices.  2019 is the year IoT gets refined, making “manufacturing intelligence” a bold reality for improving ROI.

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