US Armed Services Adopt IoT Technologies for the Battlefield

Internet of Things driven intelligence and analytics are not just for business any more.  In an article that appeared on IoT Sources yesterday, the US Army is embarking on an initiative to build and stockpile intelligence to predict what enemy forces will do next while in battle.  While this effort is a giant step toward putting technology to work to gain competitive advantage on the battlefield, it is not without it risks as well.  The ability for enemies to utilize these same IoT based technologies for counter intelligence gathering and subsequently, counterattack capabilities is quite real.  How this will play out bears watching and we will continue to monitor this story closely at IoT Sources as it unfolds.  

The ability of the Army to understand, predict, adapt, and exploit the vast array of internet worked things that will be present of the future battlefield is critical to maintaining and increasing its competitive advantage. The explosive growth of technologies in the commercial sector that exploits the convergence of cloud computing, ubiquitous mobile communications, networks of data-gathering sensors, and artificial intelligence presents an imposing challenge for the Army. These Internet of Things (IoT) technologies will give our enemies ever increasing capabilities that must be countered, but commercial developments do not address the unique challenges that the Army will face in using them.

Read the full story from Duke University 

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