Collaboration between cross-industry partners is the key to delivering the ultimate customer experience.  The ability to embed multiple vendors’ IoT technology is required in almost every case to drive these customer-centric applications. No one vendor seems to possess the full turnkey solution for scoping, designing and delivering an application that can leverage all the benefits that the IoT can offer.  The following use case is a good example of this.  

In order to build the ultimate customer experience, Marriott Hotels has established it’s own lab and invited their vendor partners to participate in the build out.  Note that Marriott is saying that hotel guests won’t see these benefits until five years from now, yet the groundwork is being laid today.  It is important to realize that while many IoT projects are becoming stalled at the proof of concept stage, there are some that are not.  Successful executions just seem to require more time, collaboration and communication.     

Hotel guests don’t need to be Internet of Things experts to understand that they like it when their guest room optimizes to their preferred temperature and lighting. Marriott with its Marriott’s Innovation Lab is working with Samsung and Legrand on an IoT Guest Room Lab that it hopes will use Internet of Things to continually improve and personalize its guests’ in-room experience.

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