The rapid development of IoT-based technologies combined with new innovations in computing and communications is ushering in a new era of what I see as “critical mass” adoption of AI. The Baidu Research Institute’s recent research study provides significant evidence of this. In their 2020 top ten technology trends forecast, seven of the top 10 trends are directly related to AI initiatives. The following article provides a detailed interpretation of these top ten forecasting trends, and gives special attention to the role that AI plays within each trend.

Just after 2019, artificial intelligence is continuously advancing along a stable development trajectory. What can these give us? In what direction should we focus in 2010? To this end, Baidu Research Institute recently released a forecast of ten major technology trends in 2020.

In the past 2019, we have seen many developments in the field of artificial intelligence:

At the technical level, the emergence of tools such as AutoML has lowered the technical threshold for deep learning. At the hardware level, the emergence of various AI-specific chips provides computing power for large-scale applications of deep learning. In addition to AI, the development of Internet of Things, quantum computing, 5G and other related technologies has also provided many conveniences for the penetration of deep learning in the industry.

The rapid development of these underlying technologies and the increasing trend of technology integration means that in 2020, we are about to enter the era of “industrialized” mass production of AI.

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