The U.S. Department of Energy announced that it will fund $16 million for advanced research in AI and ML for scientific investigation and for the management of complex systems. Their funding will initially support these two types of projects. The projects will be spearheaded by a combination of universities and DOE national laboratories, and have been selected by competitive peer review under two separate DOE Funding Opportunity Announcements. The story that follows provides all the details of the announcements.   

The U.S. Department of Energy is orchestrating the latest push by the federal government to throw a significant amount of dollars behind artificial intelligence (AI) research. The DOE recently announced that it will provide $16 million for advanced research in AI and machine learning (ML) for scientific investigation as well as the management of complex systems.

The funding comes just weeks after the U.S. National Science Foundation said it is establishing new Artificial Intelligence institutes, with a $100 million investment over the next five years. The initiative, made possible by sustained federal investment and channeled toward national issues, will help advance AI research, which is expected to have an enormous impact on the economy and quality of life, according to NSF.

Under the DOE’s initiative, the funding will support two sets of projects. The first will focus on the development of ML and AI for predictive modeling and simulation for research across physical sciences, the DOE said.

The second part of the initiative will focus on basic ML and AI research for decision support in managing complex processes similar to those currently found in self driving cars in which AI and ML can make or aid in real-time decision making.

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