The U.S. National Science Foundation has a proven track record of making sizable investments in AI research and workforce development. Truth be told, the NSF invests more than $500 million in AI research annually. They recently announced that they are creating five NSF AI Institutes this year, with more to come down the road. They are building AI hubs for academia, industry, and government. The goal is to collaborate on ground breaking discoveries and to develop new capabilities that will advance American competitiveness. The story that follows describes in further detail each of the hubs and the objectives behind their work in AI.

The announced recently that it is establishing new Artificial Intelligence institutes with a $100 million investment over the next five years.

By throwing this massive support behind AI advancements, the NSF said it is looking to expand the country’s workforce and transform society. The initiative, made possible by sustained federal investment and channeled toward national issues, will help advance AI research, which is expected to have an enormous impact on the economy and quality of life, according to NSF.

But the $20 million investment in each of the five NSF AI institutes is just the beginning. More institute announcements are anticipated in the coming years, the NSF said.

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