IBM has built a new technology-centric service they have named RoboRXN. RoboRXN is a cloud-based service that enables scientists to conduct an experiment via a web browser and then physically have the experiment conducted and executed in a robotic lab. Having robots that use machine learning to test and re-test new compounds over and over ensures safety, increases productivity and ensures better accuracy. The article that follows does s good job of explaining how scientists and researchers are utilizing this new online lab platform. 

The news: IBM has built a new chemistry lab called RoboRXN in the cloud. It combines AI models, a cloud computing platform, and robots to help scientists design and synthesize new molecules while working from home.

How it works: The online lab platform allows scientists to log on through a web browser. On a blank canvas, they draw the skeletal structure of the molecular compounds they want to make, and the platform uses machine learning to predict the ingredients required and the order in which they should be mixed. It then sends the instructions to a robot in a remote lab to execute. Once the experiment is done, the platform sends a report to the scientists with the results.

Read the full story on MIT Technology Review 


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