Viome recently announced a new AI-powered solution that can prevent or eliminate chronic disease through highly individualized health plans based on gut health. The company starts by using IoT technologies to provide personalized dietary information. Their consumer directed Gut Intelligence Test utilizes the technology to study the genes in the human body at the biochemical level. They can then devise a roadmap of how food can be used as medicinal treatment that can prevent, and potentially reverse chronic diseases down the road. The article below does an excellent job of providing the specifics on how this application works.

While the world’s health scientists are currently laser-focused on understanding and finding treatments for the highly contagious novel Coronavirus, Seattle-based Viome is applying the power of technology to combat the rise of more familiar and more prevalent diseases.

“What we really have is an epidemic of chronic diseases,” says Naveen Jain, founder and CEO of Viome. “I’m not trying to minimize the number of people who have lost their lives due to COVID-19, but the fact is every single year we lose millions of people from cancer, millions of people from heart disease, millions of people from diabetes, and autoimmune diseases, and Alzheimer’s, and autism, and all these chronic diseases. To me, the greatest epidemic of humanity is chronic disease. I’m spending the next decade of my life to essentially understand exactly why we have these chronic diseases, because we are not born with them. There is absolutely no reason we can’t prevent and reverse chronic diseases.”

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