Systems Integrators and cloud service providers (CSPs) are increasingly deploying IoT-based technologies to make their data centers function with more reliability. They are utilizing AI and machine learning (ML) to enable systems that power the data center to perform all kinds of analyses of operations and performance in a totally autonomous way. Ironically, the applications driving the majority of the growth in data center spending are also the same ones being implemented to optimize performance and capabilities. The article that follows does a very good job of describing how these IoT-based technologies are being put to work to minimize data center downtime.   

The growing demand for artificial intelligence (AI)-based applications and data analytics is fueling the need for more—and larger—data centers. The expansion of cloud computing and the pandemic-induced work-from-home situation are also factors driving growth in the market.

The global cloud computing market is projected to reach $832.1 billion by 2025, in part due to the increased demand for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based collaboration solutions and video streaming services that resulted from COVID-19 restrictions. That directly impacts the data center construction market, which is projected to increase from $207.2 billion in 2019 to $308.7 billion in 2027 at a compound annual growth rate of 6.4 percent.

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