Internet of Things based technologies are already hard at work improving a critically important area of our everyday lives.  The following article depicts an excellent use case that most people wouldn’t even know existed.  Yet, this application is playing as major role in keeping people healthy on a daily basis.  The implementation of mobile air-monitoring equipment is providing vital data about local air quality.  It collects real-time air quality data and transmits it to the cloud, where monitoring systems can analyze the data.  With real time air quality data, municipalities can manage day-to-day issues for residents, such as effective traffic planning, commercial zoning and even air quality alerts when necessary.

This past fall, wildfires spread across the San Francisco Bay Area for what was one of the largest and most devastating natural disasters that has impacted the region in a long time. Thousands of individuals and families had to evacuate, particularly in Napa County and Sonoma County, and many of them lost their homes and were sent to the hospital for acute side effects from the resulting air pollution.

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