According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, roughly half of U.S. adults (53%) say the internet has been essential for them personally during the pandemic. And while the internet’s critical infrastructure has had enough capacity to deal with the coronavirus-triggered surge in demand, there continues to be a wide-ranging number of problems caused by sheer user density and the volume of new devices and services connected to the internet. Throughout the pandemic as this massive increase in usage put pressure on ISPs, a software startup called Veego has been engaging with telecommunication providers to improve the quality of experience for internet users.

Since the company’s founding in 2018, Veego has been focused on perfecting the internet user experience for the ISPs that serve them. The company produces software that provide ISPs with high levels of home device and service visibility while running on the Web. The perfection of the internet experience by Veego occurs through the application of AI and other innovative technologies. The company’s latest generation software delivers breakthrough capabilities for understanding and embellishing the Quality of Experience for every internet session in the Connected Home. Applying the router-resident, lightweight Veego Agent, ISPs are now able to measure with precision the efficiency of every internet session as it progresses.

“Veego 2.0 constitutes a leap forward for ISPs, going way beyond the ‘one size fits all’ approach currently considered the state of the art. Now, ISPs can obtain a continuous score of every internet user’s experience based what influences that user’s enjoyment based on the type of service he is consuming,” explained Assaf Katan, Veego COO. “For example, lag is critical to gamers but less so to video conferencers. Low resolution on a phone call isn’t as bad as low resolution on a 65” TV.”

When the internet user Quality of Experience (QoE) score of any session falls to an unacceptable level, Veego 2.0 automatically identifies the problem, analyzes its root-cause end-to-end – anywhere along the service-delivery chain within and beyond the home – and either resolves it automatically before the user suffers or immediately passes the analysis to the ISP Customer Care Center for support. CSRs know right away if the problem belongs to the ISP or is caused by an external factor such as a device or cloud-service problem.

Another capability unique to Veego 2.0 is Proactive Care—the ability to recognize subscriber frustration as it happens. ISPs are able to proactively engage the customer over multiple channels (smart app, chat, SMS, phone calls, etc.), preempting dissatisfaction and churn. Subscribers feel taken care of and protected by their caring ISP who is vigilantly watching over their internet connection. Veego 2.0 also generates vast demographic, device, service, usage, performance, event, Customer Experience, and other data for valuable analysis across the subscriber base, enabling ISPs to understand usage profiles and trends, identify homes that are “in good shape” and those that are “suffering,” segment target audiences, and much more.

The context-aware solution quantifies every user’s Quality of Experience. From its vantage point in the home router or other CPE, with support from the Cloud, Veego automatically detects faults and behavior anomalies, analyzes their root-cause end to end— within and beyond the home—and resolves problems even before users encounter them. Veego bolsters Customer Support by facilitating self-care and arming CSRs with assessments and effective action recommendations that deflect and shorten support calls, reduce truck rolls and eliminate unnecessary hardware replacements. The Veego Cloud continuously collects vast volumes of device and service performance, experience and event data generated from home routers across the entire ISP user base for valuable analysis and insights.

Providing ISPs with complete visibility into the Connected Home including connected devices and the services they consume, context-aware Veego 2.0 continuously monitors and scores every user’s Quality of Experience (QoE) from each session. It also takes into consideration the factors that are crucial to each type of service and their effects on the user’s experience.

Veego 2.0 is commercially available to ISPs who are invited to contact Veego to try out or upgrade to the new version.

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