When it comes to the IoT, we have been hearing more about the importance of edge computing each passing day. In my opinion this has much to do with the adoption of more deeply interactive applications as of late. The applications I am referring to are those that involve active motion of people and machinery. Some obvious examples of these are autonomous vehicles and factory floor robotics. The ability to process the decisions that machines need to make in a millisecond require near flawless connectivity and zero system downtime. So while the cloud is an excellent computing and communications option for numerous business applications, rock solid edge computing is mandatory for supporting real world IoT applications – applications that affect people’s very safety. The following article details five core reasons why the edge is critical for IoT interactive applications.     

Edge computing is hot right now, but not everyone understands why so many people are so focused on keeping their data in gateways or on on-premise services instead of sending it to the cloud. While it may seem like a huge shift to bring processing to the edge of the networks as opposed to sending all of the data to the cloud, for many IoT use cases, the cloud was never going to be a viable solution.

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