We often hear of Artificial Intelligence and The Internet of Things mentioned together in the same breath.  There is good reason for this.  In order for artificial intelligence to be truly useful, it must be constantly updated and optimized with more and more fresh new data.  The more data that can be collected and fed into these AI environments, the more intelligent the artificial intelligence environment actually becomes.  The IoT, with all its sensors is a natural for the collecting and transmitting massive amounts of data in real time.  With this intertwined relationship, they each become more valuable to one another.  Using machine to machine communications makes machine learning easy.  Machine learning is a basic, non-programmed method of collecting this data.  What’s important is that once code and algorithms are programmed into these machines we have a foundation for deep learning.  In the end, all of this data that is ultimately distilled into intelligence accelerates better human decision making.  And since it is the Internet of Things that facilitates all of this, it continually makes the IoT that much more valuable to us all.

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