Internet of Things real world use cases are becoming more important than ever.  With many IoT projects becoming stalled at the proof of concept stage, the ability to “school off” the experiential learning gleaned by others is invaluable.  With the advent of 5G wireless technologies, many applications will be able to find their way past the POC stage.  The following article describes a number of theses use cases, and along with them, some very good guidance for those service providers who will be offering 5G-based service packages to their end user customers.  A perfect example of this is a mobile operator bundling business intelligence type services along with their mobile communications offering. There will, no doubt, be many more successful deployments and use cases coming as a result of 5G technologies. However, the pace of acceleration and adoption will be largely dependent on the creativity of 5G mobile operators and service providers.  

The 5G standards target billions of new devices that will connect to operators’ networks over the next decade and beyond. Each device type serves a use case that can be high-volume with low throughput requirements, or low-volume but high-value from a customer’s point of view. The list of use cases keeps growing as new types of devices are added to the network, and as existing devices find new use cases with embedded mobile connectivity.

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