I recently came across a research report from IWCE that revealed some interesting data. The survey was sent to system users from first responders/public safety, transportation, utilities, oil & gas, education, real estate/construction as well as others allied to the industry including consultants/integrators, dealers and distributors and manufacturers. The report surveyed over 597 professionals from the critical communications industry to find out what technologies they felt had the biggest potential to help create safer cities and what were the barriers to their roll out. Some of the top line takeaways:
  1. The report finds that the industry feels 5G has the biggest potential to create Safe Cities above all technologies (AI, IoT etc) 
  2. Cost and lack of availability of sites to install 5G antennas are the #1 reason for its delay in roll out 
  3. 70% of the industry so far plans to actually use 5G with 76% currently using LTE

It contains a number of data points across a range of other subject matters such as Cyber Security, Smart Cities and wireless communications. 

Gain access to the full report here


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