Federal government officials have undertaken an initiative to comprehensively manage connected devices’ security.  They have adopted a proactive approach through eliminating potential vulnerabilities and establishing a strong foundation for their network security. The progress and benefits of this approach can provide useful best practices for state and local authorities.  The Department of Homeland Security’s Continuous Diagnostic and Mitigation (CDM) program takes steps to securing government networks by first building a comprehensive inventory of all the hardware and software on their networks.  It then monitors these networks 24/7 to assess new devices and software, as equipment is connected to the network.  This real-time awareness of devices and their status makes it possible to have a better understanding of an agency’s risks. Gaining visibility into federal IT environments has been one of the early successes of the CDM program.  They have found an average of 44 percent more uncatalogued and unmanaged devices connected to their networks.  This CDM program is available to states and municipalities, and offers excellent guidance and support in proactive IoT monitoring and management.

As we connect more and more devices, governments must keep an active watch on their network.

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