Networking and Communications vendors are racing to design, develop and deploy communications technology specifically to support the ongoing avalanche of IoT devices.  While the article below describes deployments planned for the African continent, what is important to note here is the pacing and phasing of the collaborative effort that is occurring globally right now.  Multiple vendors are partnering for IoT device connectivity to meet today’s demands, while simultaneously planning to be able to support future IoT application requirements that will emerge years from now.  These new IoT focused communications capabilities will provide Telcos and Service Providers compelling new offerings for IoT applications, as well as paving the way for them to deliver their 5G wireless platforms.   

Networking giant Ericsson has announced trialling a Cat-M1 Internet of Things (IoT) network with MTN South Africa in partnership with Qualcomm.

The trial — which signals the first Cat-M1 experiment for the African continent — made use of Qualcomm’s MDM9206 global multimode LTE IoT modem, the Ericsson Massive IoT Radio Access Network product, and MTN South Africa’s own test bed lab.

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