The article below references an important advancement in local communications for Wi-Fi based IoT initiatives.  While the author suggests the introduction of 6th generation Wi-Fi technology as a lifesaver for home use, I believe that this technology will be a key driver for SMB IoT deployments. The fact that the ax protocol is poised to become the next IEEE standard gives these Max Wi-Fi chips an early leg up with respect to immediate adoption.  Better yet, Max WiFi uses MU-MIMO technology.  MU-MIMO has been proven to increase channel capacity when communicating with multiple devices simultaneously.  It does this by dedicating a unique channel for each Wi-Fi enabled device. MU-MIMO also reduces power consumption and as such, increases battery life.  MU-MIMO is also backward compatible. While I am in agreement that 6th gen Wi-Fi is a no-brainer for the connected home, I see it paving the way for small and medium business to execute local IoT projects readily and easily.   

Broadcom is unveiling its Max Wi-Fi chips today based on the next-generation Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ax, which is designed to improve download speeds by four times and upload speeds by six times. Max WiFi also promises four times better coverage and seven times better battery life than the current 802.11ac standard.

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