We often talk about security being of paramount importance across the entire Internet of Things ecosystem.  The same can be said for communications.  As data and information traverses each pillar that comprises the Internet of Things, the value of that data and information is only as good as the technology’s and the people’s ability to communicate it effectively.  The article that follows this post does a good job of detailing the technology processes and tools that best communicate the data across the environment.  Simultaneously, it points out the need for effective human interpretation and communication of the information in the end.  So whose job is this?  With the IoT, it’s everyone’s responsibility to get the the most timely and accurate information into the right people’s hands at the right time.    

With industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications pouring out petabytes of data, the opportunity for solution providers now encompasses figuring out new ways to sort, store, access and make sense of all that data. This is not typically the task of operations technologists (OT), nor is it the job of the IT dept.

Instead, the task falls to a whole new category of expertise that straddles OT and IT and comes at the IoT data problem from a more cohesive perspective, with tools to match.

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