According to the Japanese press, Japan’s government has gone public with their intentions to develop a strategy to deploy ‘6G’ networks. Interestingly enough, they are not alone in their intentions. Apparently, China has been exploring 6G technologies since late last year. There is a school of thought that 6G will become a framework for data services, where specific computation and intelligence may move completely to the edge. Integration of sensing, imaging and highly accurate positioning capabilities with mobility will be the drivers for 6G deployment. While actual availability of 6G services may be a decade away, there is ample interest and energy around it. The following article explains more about these activities.  

The Japanese government announced plans to put together a comprehensive strategy regarding future “6G” wireless communications networks, and it set up a panel to start discussions on the topic later this month, Japanese press reported.

The 6G panel will discuss and analyze technology development, potential utilization of this future technology, as well as methods and policies, according to the International Affairs and Communications Ministry.

According to the report, 6G is expected to be launched around 2030.

Japan’s 6G panel will include representatives of the private sector as well as university researchers and will hear opinions from a variety of industries in order to study potential challenges, according to the report.

However, Japan is not alone in the field of 6G research. In November 2019, China officially started researching 6G technology.

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