Our primary goal at IoT Sources is to deliver actionable IoT content, mainly in the form of real world use cases and deployments that work. One of the more broadly applicable use cases we’ve found describes the “what” and “why” of cloud-based mobile workspace solutions. With a customizable architecture and end-to-end management, a cloud-based mobile solution offers secure access to desktops, applications and data from any device and on any infrastructure. This model not only enhances and incentivizes more rapid cloud migration, more importantly it accelerates both IoT project execution and overall mobile workforce productivity. You can see in the following article that a well conceived mobile workspace can be custom designed to fit any company’s digital transformation strategy, especially so in the mid-market and SMB space. The key, as always with an IoT-based deployment is to have the right partners collaborating in order to deliver the right solution.

The number of connected devices in the average workplace continues to skyrocket, as the list of devices now includes IoT sensors, smart phones, watches, tablet computers, laptops and even desktop personal computers. The increase in mobile device usage in conjunction with the increase in cloud-based storage, application and security, has pushed many mid-market businesses to pursue subscription-based mobile workspaces.

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