The United States and Poland have agreed to join forces to advance their collective goals with regard to 5G technologies. Although there is no mention of Huawei and its dispute with the US over 5G infrastructure, the joint declaration points out that “a careful and complete evaluation of 5G component and software providers is essential”. Wojciech Michnik, Eisenhower defense fellow at the NATO Defense College in Rome, said that key sentence of the declaration delivers a clear message. The article below provides more details on the pact, as well as some of the potential political implications that could arise.  

The US and Poland have just signed a deal to strengthen cooperation on 5G technology, in a bid to challenge Chinese giant Huawei’s growing influence over Europe’s mobile infrastructure.

The agreement was signed on Monday by US vice president Mike Pence and Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

Pence came to Warsaw to attend the World War II commemorative ceremony instead of Donald Trump, who canceled the trip at the last minute because of concerns about Hurricane Dorian.

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