The construction industry is one segment that is reaping the full benefit that the IoT can bring, thanks to the introduction of 5G technology.  5G is helping construction companies overcome many of the most significant hurdles they’re facing by providing high-speed data access, addressing mission criticality, and making it possible to connect constrained devices. With construction, successful project delivery is dependent on efficient data collection, capture and the corresponding data analysis and evaluation. All of these require speedy and reliable connectivity. 5G offers the necessary real-time data processing for decisions to be made instantly and issues addressed rapidly. The article that follows offers a number of smart tech applications that the construction industry should consider as they move forward with new construction projects

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way the construction industry does business, allowing companies to become faster, smarter, safer, and more efficient.

The industry has entered a new phase of digitalization through IoT and other enabling technologies. IoT devices are no longer just primary sensors, but they are evolving into advanced computers, which are capable of new and demanding applications in construction projects such as remote operation, supply replenishment, construction tools, equipment tracking, equipment servicing, repair, remote usage monitoring, augmented reality (AR), building information modelling (BIM), predictive maintenance, progress monitoring, construction safety, and quality monitoring. Clearly, there’s a growing need for bandwidth. Given that the adoption of IoT in the industry is projected to keep on rising, the future success of deployments will rely on innovations in connectivity, like 5G.

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