It is safe to say the most people think that 5G is just a newer, faster version of 4G. While this is entirely true, there is a lot more behind the curtain with respect to how 5G networks operate, and more importantly, the business benefits that will become possible as a result of it. The fact is, 5G will deliver dramatic improvements in five critical area of computing and communications – latency, speed, coverage, capacity and density. These improvements will empower organizations and individuals of all types to do more than ever before – mainly in areas that that leverage the IoT, such as artificial intelligence, mixed reality and augmented reality. The following interactive infographic describes what’s behind the curtain, and in a very cool way.

We all remember the big tech leaps in our lives. TV. Dial-up internet. Facebook. The iPhone.
Well, 5G, the next big leap in mobile networks, is as exciting as any of these. It’s a huge opportunity for the businesses that understand its potential early—and move first—to change the way you work, collaborate, innovate and serve customers.

Experience the 5G Explainer

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