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National security officials working for President Donald Trump are reportedly considering building a super-fast 5G network as an option to counter China spying on US phones, according to a report published Sunday.

Details of the plans come courtesy of a PowerPoint desk and memo produced by a senior National Security Council official seen and reported by A senior administration reportedly confirmed the accuracy of the information late Sunday, said Reuters.

A nationalized network 5G network is currently being discussed at a low level in Trump’s administration, and won’t be considered by the President for around six to eight months, said the report. The network would be designed to counter Chinese threats to US economic and cybersecurity, with emphasis on protecting emerging technologies reliant on 5G, such as self-driving cars and the Internet of Things.

Such a network could be built and owned by the government, with infrastructure rented out to US carriers. This would be a significant departure from the current system, whereby network providers build their own infrastructure and lease airwaves from the government.

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