Telecom analyst, Chetan Sharma, has released his quarterly research report on the state of the mobile market. The latest report is loaded with a significant amount of interesting data complied from 2018. What I found most compelling is where the opportunity for growth for mobile service providers lies. With smartphone penetration in the U.S. already at 95%, in order to grow their business, carriers will need to find new things to connect. The proliferation of IoT devices presents an outstanding opportunity for growth in this regard. And 5G is just the technology to drive this growth. Check out the wealth of information the report provides.

5G Industry Transition – We have worked on every single G transition and as we move into the 5G cycle, we continue to stay heavily engaged with players across the ecosystem and around the globe from very advanced markets to just emerging. Chetan Sharma Consulting is involved in several 5G strategic projects across three continents, across the value chain, so, have a front row seat into what’s coming. We have penned 9 research papers on 5G already, many of them industry firsts, and have several in the works for the coming months and years based on what we are learning from our work on the ground.

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