Bluetooth Mesh is pushing its way quickly to the forefront of important IoT communications technologies.  The concept behind Bluetooth Mesh technology is it will allow the Bluetooth links in our smart devices to connect with one another without the need for a gateway. Up until now, gateways have been required with ZigBee-based products and most other wireless schemes. For instance, Bluetooth Mesh has the capabilities to now serve and support any Solid State Lighting installation regardless of the range.  What’s important to recognize is that what Bluetooth Mesh is doing for the Lighting Industry is what it will do for IoT initiatives in many other industries.  The introduction and the acceptance of the Bluetooth SIG’s mesh technology is a significant step toward standardization. Its adoption will bring interoperability to numerous Bluetooth devices and with it, a bevy of new use cases for the Internet of Things.

Qualcomm, Silvair, and Silicon Labs are among the first companies to announce building-block products that are compliant with the recently announced Bluetooth Mesh standard, allowing developers of LED-based products to accelerate wirelessly-connected SSL products to market.

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