A circulated report from a senior National Security Council official among senior Trump administration offices has generated attention recently among American businesses. The report suggests that the U.S. government should build a nationalized 5G wireless network. The goal for a nationalized 5G wireless network, it was suggested, would translate into success in artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and other technologies.  According to the report, the U.S. government would build one big 5G network and lease capacity to the telecom providers. It would help protect the U.S. from cyber attacks and from competition from China’s growing tech industry.

No doubt, China as well as other foreign governments, are pursuing AI, IoT and digital transformation technologies at a fast pace. It’s been a concern among many thought leaders that the U.S. could fall behind if proper investment by the U.S. government doesn’t follow suit.   

There are clearly pros and cons for a nationalized 5G wireless network. A recent article from www.thestreet.com provides an excellent assessment of the companies that could win or lose from such an initiative.

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