The electronics industry is already well aware of the enormous benefits that the Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing to the connected world. Their own supply chain is no different. A process that was once operated by guesswork and forecasting is now utilizing IoT technologies to give supply chain managers access to a new level of visibility into the journey their goods are taking. This new IoT-powered visibility is providing adoption of data-driven optimization models by employing location and condition data for their shipments to make real time decisions and improve operations. So instead of taking a “best guess” mentality, manufacturers are relying on a true quantitative, analytical approach to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and improve visibility across the supply chain. Four areas that are being directly transformed are quality, relationships, delays and operations.

From industrial applications to consumer products to electronic vehicles, the IoT is quickly transforming the way everyone interacts with the physical and digital world. And supply chain is no different — IoT technologies are now giving supply chain managers access to a new level of visibility into their in-transit goods

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