Implementing smart building solutions is becoming easier and more cost effective than ever. There are numerous companies that are designing and implementing IoT solutions that are crafted specifically to deliver easy to use smart building applications. Many of these applications are geared toward optimizing energy usage, as the cost of energy is a major operating expenditure in building managers’ budgets. The story that follows identifies five key trends that are appearing in smart buildings everywhere.

Is 2019 the year office buildings finally get smart?

It could be. The technology that enables intelligent, well-informed buildings is more prevalent than ever before thanks to its increased reliability and usefulness; smart building technology is also more cost-effective than it has been in the past. Whereas it used to take an experienced office building manager years to understand and fine-tune building performance, the Internet of Things (IoT) makes it possible to gain immediate operational insights that can be used to quickly improve the bottom line. And while most office buildings aren’t likely to live up to these standards anytime soon, a whole host of “smart” strategies are now available with the technology readily accessible for just about any building to put into play.

Below are five trends that are gaining traction among office building owners and managers; you can expect to see these tactics being implemented with greater frequency in the years ahead.

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