IoT and AI technologies are now advancing at an exponential pace. This is occurring most notably in the speech-based services area. We are seeing more businesses and enterprises adopting these technologies, as more advanced speech-based applications are being developed and implemented. Voice controlled assistants are disrupting numerous industries, and enterprises are bringing these applications to the mainstream. The article that follows describes seven of these applications and the trends that we are seeing in the AI and NLP space.

The past few years have seen a lot of exciting developments in disruptive technologies. One of the most intriguing of these advances is the rise of voice-controlled assistants.

In the early days of voice technology, services like Siri were little more than gimmicks, but improvements in artificial intelligence (AI) and natural linguistic programming (NLP) have turned them into a promising tool.

AI assistants have the potential to disrupt virtually all industries. Voice-enabled systems are appearing in a broader array of applications than ever before, and this trend will only grow as NLP improves. Before long, verbal commands will become the norm across all manner of technology.

Listed below are seven trends and developments in voice commands and voice AI that will grow in the coming year.

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