One company, TuSimple, has accomplished something recently that is truly remarkable with its Autonomous Driving System. In a December 2021 road test they proved that Level 4 autonomous vehicles are possible, and as a result, closer than many skeptics ever considered. This advancement is accelerating the way forward toward a driverless future that is safer, smarter and more reliable. The story that follows details more about how IoT and AI technologies are being deployed in this effort and also describes ways in which the tech is driving a more sustainable environment.

Autonomous trucking recently took a critical step forward. TuSimple completed the world’s first fully self-driving semi-truck test on a public road with no driver or human intervention. Representatives publicly announced the successful trial on Dec. 29, 2021.

TuSimple’s Autonomous Driving System (ADS) completed its own route completely driverless for 80 miles along the I-10 highway in Arizona. The truck was monitored throughout the journey, with technicians and undercover law enforcement vehicles standing by. The implications of TuSimple’s breakthrough could be monumental for autonomous trucking and driverless vehicle technology at large.

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