There is overwhelming evidence at this point that longer battery life will make the IoT more viable. With improved battery technology, wide scale IoT device deployment would skyrocket. This need has design engineers scrambling to find new ways to improve and extend IoT power sources. The following article describes number of steps that engineers can take to overcome this challenge

As the Internet of Things reaches new heights, its shortcomings are starting to show. IoT adoption is skyrocketing in both consumer and commercial circles, but as it becomes increasingly prominent, where it needs to improve becomes all the clearer. IoT battery life is one of the most glaring issues these technologies face.

More than 15.9 billion IoT devices were connected worldwide in 2019. Experts anticipate that figure to more than triple by 2030, but this remarkable growth presents an issue. End-users will expect more from these devices and added features would limit battery life, affecting their utility.

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