Akamai has just introduced its IoT Edge framework and IoT Edge Connect framework. Their goal is to help businesses manage their data between IoT end points in large scale quantities. In essence, IoT Edge Connect delivers secure Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) to IoT end points on Akamai’s global network. According to the company, they are capable of processing 10 times more messages than any other IoT or in-app messaging cloud solution. The following release provides more details on the solution. 

According to IoT Analytics Research, by 2025, approximately 22 billion connected devices will be sending data across the Internet. In addition, billions of application instances will be sending trillions of messages, and these endpoints represent both vast opportunities and challenges for businesses in terms of harnessing, distributing and protecting the data.

From car makers to hotel operators, virtually every industry is incorporating endpoints in the form of connected devices and applications into their business strategies, capitalizing on the ubiquity of Internet access. However, building and managing the infrastructure required to support, scale and secure these experiences can be incredibly time-, cost- and resource-intensive for organizations and not a part of their core competency.

Read the full release on Akamai.com

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